My story  of getting into Healthy Baking is one of necessity. I have two sons and both just don’t like healthy food options.

May be its a sign of our times, easy availability of Sugary and Junk Foods has spoiled all our taste buds. Scientists have even recognised ‘fat’ as a taste. Anyways – my boys – managed to send me into a goose chase for trying to find a solution to all our problems.

And then i stumbled upon baking with whole wheat.
By using common flour instead of white flour and getting the taste right, i was able to get attention of my kids. In due course, for adding more nutrition,   i also started adding seasonal fruits and veggies.

Now i prepare muffins, cakes, donuts and what not which contains green vegetables, real fruits  , minerals and vitamins and serve it to people like yourself.

This website is my efforts to offer my preparations to you and wish you healthy fooding habits to you and your family.

Chandni Singh